Norwegian and Swedish 2035 Outlooks: Volt’s Long-term Price Forecast

Report Release Notice: 8th May 2024

Volt Power Analytics are releasing their 2035 outlook for the Norwegian and Swedish bidding areas – the first long-term price report to be created in hourly resolution in EMPS.

Power professionals need expertly modelled forecasts to get a true insight on the long-term outlook. We observe that in the approaching 2030s there will be strong expansion in the Nordic countries. The potential development of many industrial projects could lead to significantly higher consumption of renewable electricity, should they come to fruition.

  • Based on our new hourly resolution version of the EMPS model
  • Outlook extending to 2035, calculated using hourly frequency
  • Power balances will be presented for Norwegian and Swedish areas
  • Simulated area prices will be presented for each Norwegian and Swedish price zone year-by-year
  • The forecasts are based on our view of new consumption projects and the rather weak development of generation sources in Norway and Sweden
  • We provide a 1 hour run through of the report with one of our market experts